Workshop and Keynote by Bill Sharpe and Anthony Hodgson: Three Horizons – The patterning of hope

November 9, 2013 08:03
if0017aThree Horizons is a simple and intuitive framework for thinking about the future. The framework explains how people often manage to disagree so violently about their visions of the future and how to achieve them – and it offers a practical way to begin constructive conversations about the future at home, in organisations and in society at large.
The three horizons are about much, much more than simply stretching our thinking to embrace the short, medium and long term. They offer a co-ordinated way of managing innovation, a way of creating transformational change that has a chance of succeeding, a way of dealing with uncertainty and a way of seeing the future in the present.
Three horizons keynote presentation November 27th 15.00 – 17.00 (Seats2Meet, Utrecht) 
Three Horizon Framework – Presentation by Bill Sharpe and Anthony Hodgson (event in collaboration with FunnelVision) On this afternoon, Bill and Anthony will give a free / open keynote presentation about the three horizons framework. This will be an excellent general introduction to the concepts and it’s practical use in strategy- and foresight development. This event is generously hosted by Seats2Meet, Utrecht.
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If you want to have even deeper  understanding of Three horizons, then follow this one day workshop!
Three horizons workshop organised by FunnelVision November 26th 9.30 -17.30 Utrecht, 
Bill Sharpe  and Anthony Hodgson from International Futures Forum will visit the Netherlands to deliver a one day workshop session to learn and apply the tools and concepts from the three horizons framework. They will work with practical situations by inviting workshop participants to ‘put themselves into the picture’. Joining this (paid) workshop gives you effective tools for vision and strategy development and will allow you to reflect on your situation together with these experts and fellow participants.
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