THE FUTURE OF OUR WORLD IN 50 YEARS: invitation to contribute

November 15, 2013 15:01

Invitation for the world’s first open source project, jointly promoted by Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum and researchers from the Harvard University.

This project aims at tapping in to the collective intelligence of 100 greatest thinkers and leaders of our times. Along with these thought leaders, we are inviting youth from 50 selected educational institutions from across the globe to tell us how they imagine our future. If the article/sketch is among the chosen few, it shall feature among the best – including heads of states, world leaders, Noble laureates, CEOs and Ivy League professors.

How to apply

In not less than 500 words, or with the help of a sketch/painting, tell us: ’50 years down the lane, what shall our world look like? What shall be the possible events, technical innovations, breakthroughs and social changes crafting the future of our world?’ Send it across to and Last date 20th December 2013.

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