Teach the Future

Teach The Future

Our mission? Prepare students for tomorrow, teach the future today!

We believe that young people of any age can learn to think critically and creatively about the future and develop the agency to influence it. Do you feel the same? Join us in our worldwide mission to bring foresight and futures thinking to schools and students around the world.

Teach the Future (TTF) is a non-profit collaboration among educators and community partners to encourage and support teachers and administrators to include the future in their classes and curriculum.




“The future is made by people”

Kima, 10 years old
participant TTF workshop






We design and facilitate professional development for educators and workshops for students that introduce them to the concepts and tools of foresight. We also provide online access to free teaching materials and support for educators who use the material or schools ready to incorporate foresight into their curriculum. Browse our library and download any tool kit of your interest.



Teach the Future was established by Dr. Peter Bishop following his retirement from the Foresight program at the University of Houston after he directed that program for 30 years. Currently it is a global collaborative with a team of leading educators and thought leaders in the futures community.


“I can influence the future
by the choices I make in the present”

Lieke, 18 years old
participant TTF workshop



Teach the Future and the Dutch Future Society are excited to work together as part of the ‘Swarm’. We are both enthusiastic about the idea of teaching young people futures thinking. We will support each other where possible and we will work together on bringing this forward. We’ve already organised meet-ups on this topic, but we can do so much more!

Do you also want to become part of this Swarm initiative and support our mission to help prepare young people to become entrepreneur of their own future and that of the world? Please feel free to contact Erica Bol, who is the Teach The Future Europe coordinator and Dutch Future Society member.

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