Teach the Future – Future thinking and Education

June 11, 2016 02:54

Teach the Future in cooperation with the Dutch Future Society – the Swarm

The Teach the Future and the Dutch Future Society are excited to work together as part of the ‘Swarm’. Both organizations are excited about the idea of teaching young people about the future. We will support each other where possible and we will work together on bringing this forward. All information on Teach the Future will be available via the tab “Teach the Future” under “Initiatives” on our homepage!

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Future thinking and Education

Young people go to school to prepare themselves for their future. They learn about the past and the present, but they do not learn about ‘the future’. We can teach young people the skills they need to prepare themselves for the future. The better prepared they are, the more they can direct their own future and influence the world around them.

Hackathon and Sharing Session

TtFApril 21st 2016 Teach the Future had their first official event in the Netherlands. At the beautiful and inspiring down town oasis MMousse in Amsterdam 35 enthusiastic and inspiring people got together to think about the roll out strategy for ‘teaching the future’ in NL and EU.

We discussed what it is we teach young people when we teach them the future. Analyzing it we saw four types of outcomes:

  • it strengthens their general world views and awareness
  • it helps them understand change and possibilities of the future
  • it makes it easier to navigate and grow in life
  • tools that are available to help teach the subject

Together we have a lot of potential and connections; we mapped our network and will try to involve those who are as excited as we are. For this we are now working on setting up a community. More on this will follow soon.

With this great group of people, that all already have experience teaching the future and or are excited to learn more about it, we found it is important to bring our strengths together to create impact. Teach the Future will support this in trying to bring everything together, create a community, organize events, and connect those who teach the future with those who want to learn how to teach the future.

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Thanks to MMousse – Downtown Oasis

We had the honor to use the downtown oasis of MMousse, a beautiful inspiring and peaceful location in the center of Amsterdam.

‘We are a team of practical dreamers and creative doers. We think, crazy as it seems, that we can make the world a better place through sincere entrepreneurship with guts and passion. That is why an initiative as Teach The Future is something we really love to support. It is important and certainly very inspiring to prepare future generations for the bumpy road of life that lies ahead of them. Let’s go!’ 

MMousse creative agency + inspiring locations.

For all of you that are looking for an inspiring and creative location, MMousse is generously offering a 10% discount coupon for those of you that want to make a positive difference in the world.   Login as DFS Member to receive the code.
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Thank you!

Thank you for all of you that where there! Your energy and enthusiasm is going to make this the future!

Do you also want to become part of our community and support our mission to help prepare young people to become entrepreneur of their own future and that of the world, please feel free to contact Erica Bol (erica@teachthefuture.org).

Want to be involved in more depth? Check out Facebook or Linkedin for some opportunities.

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