Partners and Organizational Membership

For freelancers, organizations and companies we offer various partnering opportunities. Partner Membership includes the display of your logo on our website and in our newsletters, a dedicated partnerpage and a number of DFS Member profiles with free or discounted access to various events and access to exclusive content. Other custom possibilities at request. Our ten-member package also includes a free partner message: an email to all the readers of our newsletter specially dedicated to your company, event, service, research etcetera. The text will also be posted to our website as a featured article. Partner messages are also available separately for any DFS Member. For an overview of the various options and prices, please see the figure below.

We also accommodate Organizational Memberships: you can contact us if your organization or company would like to receive an invoice for multiple members at once. This option does not include any Partnership features.

If you prefer partnership through material support, such as with venues for events or specific services, we are happy to discuss the possibilities. For this, Partner Memberships, Organizational Memberships, partner messages, custom offers or other questions please send an email to