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Donor with DFS Membership: Community profile page, access to exclusive membership content and entrée to events

To our pleasure the Dutch Future Society community has greatly expanded itself over the last two years. People are connecting both online and offline, through our meetings and communal activities, on the website, as well as on social media. The Dutch Future Society aims to facilitate this interaction to meet, learn and grow professionally. You can now also become a donor with Membership of the Dutch Future Community (DFC)!

Membership includes:

 access¹ to events organised by us and some of our partners

– a personal profile page on our community page to present and share your expertise

highlighting of profiles or special achievements of our members online and through our newsletter

 online access to exclusive membership content, such as in-depth (video)interviews with global experts, pre-conference materials and more. Check out our YouTube-channel to meet some of the experts that we interviewed to pick their brains

– the opportunity to submit blogs and articles for our website and newsletter

…and we are continuously adding more. Do you have an idea about how we could improve upon what we offer our community? Please let us know by sending an email to!

World Future Society

Please note that there are currently no financial ties between DFS and WFS. WFS membership offers you benefits for their events and membership materials, but does not directly support our work nor is it in any way linked to DFS Membership. We continue our good relations with WFS however, and joint opportunities or benefits may arise in the future.


As an open community and a non-profit organisation (Stichting), we strive to do as much as possible for as little as possible. Our donor fee with DFS Membership is therefore only €75,- for a full year, including access to our events (fulltime (PhD) students enjoy a 50% discount)². This fee enables us to actively engage our community online, e.g. moderate and improve the Community, share (video) content, and offline, e.g. organising conferences, meetings and more.

Profile Page

DFC-smallThe Profile Page allows you to present yourself to the community and other visitors. It offers several features such as  links to your blog or latest work, the option to show a video from YouTube or Vimeo, action photos and more. You can also share your expertise by interacting and engaging with DFS members. These pages will furthermore be a useful resource for organisations to find experts from all fields of foresight and trend research that characterise our community.

Sponsor & Organizational Memberships

Besides normal donor membership we also offer Sponsor Memberships and Organizational Memberships. More information about these opportunities is available here.

We are in the process of rolling out our members section. If you run into a problem or if you have a question or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to contact us at!

Please note: although the options to be filled out on the signup form are extensive, only those with a red asterisk are mandatory. You can fill out the rest of your profile later, but please consider doing so right away in order not to forget (we’d like to avoid empty profiles). Our thanks!

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You can complete your DFS Donorship by transferring the specified amount to our account within two weeks (transfer details are available here or at the end of this form), or by filling out a SEPA Direct Debit form that authorizes DFS to deduct the amount from your account on a yearly base (you will receive the form via email). You will also receive an invoice for your administration. If you are part of an organisation or company with a membership package that covers your Donorship, please select Organisational Membership (please check with your organisation whether Organisational Membership applies to you). You do not have to transfer the amount and will not receive an invoice, but please do check all necessary checkboxes for administrative purposes. The same applies if you have bought a ticket for an DFS event.
If you are part of an Organizational Membership that covers your Membership fee, select the correct organization (please confirm with your organization's contact).
Please input name and address for the invoice in the appropriate fields. If you have an Organisational Membership, please input the name and address of your organization. For any questions regarding payment or specific invoice requirements, please send us an email at
Please let us know whether you are a fulltime (PhD) student in order to receive discount on the membership fee. You are required to send a copy of your student card to for verification.
I agree to transfer the amount specified for the yearly donorship fee to Stichting Dutch Future Society within two weeks of registering OR I agree to fill out and return the SEPA Direct Debit form in order for DFS to deduct the amount from my account OR I verify that I am part of an Organisational Membership OR I verify that I have bought a ticket for the DFS Annual event with a free 1-year Membership. If at any time after completing registration you want to cancel your membership, you can do so here.
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We aim to send you an invoice for your donation within 48 hours, but you can already complete your specified amount using the information on this page.

¹ Free access or with discount.

² Membership lasts for a minimum of one year. If at any time you wish to terminate your membership, you can do so here. Cancellation requests should be submitted at least one month before the end of the 1-year term. Fulltime (PhD) students are required to send a copy of their student card to or to otherwise submit proof of enrolment in higher education or a PhD program in order to receive discount.