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Walter Dresscher
De Natuurlijke Stad (The Natural City)
Friday, 14 September, 1979
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If we analyse the books and films (fiction) about the future and about future cities we can conclude that all images and stories are dystopian. We seem to have difficulties imagining a beautiful future with cities worthwhile living in. This is surprising seen the technological and sociological progress that mankind has created. All figures show that we have a lot of reasons to be very optimistic about the future. My background as an architect made me wonder how we could redesign cities inspired by the technological possibilities that we have at our disposal. The result of this process is a utopian vision of the city: The Natural City. A natural living environment where human life can flourish and relate to other life forms. This integrates mobility, energy, social structures and all other topics that define high quality human life. The relevance of utopian thinking and the quest for the natural city is what drives me. I am working on several projects and a book. Utopian visions can help to find implementable solutions for cities that transcend the frameworks of our current society. Working together with the different stakeholders we use the imagination of the natural city to transform our living environment.
Skills and expertise
Architecture, Design, visualisation of futures, speaker, author, utopian thinking
Areas of interest
technological change, urban and regional infrastructure, cultural change, global geopolitics and economics, utopian thinking
Wants to talk about...
What do we want for our future cities? What technologies de we have at our disposal and what utopian ideas can we create with them?
Wants to learn about...
Everything 😉
The transport sector is responsible for 35% of global co2 emissions and our cities have become unhealthy places. Transportation takes a disproportionate amount of our public space and creates dangers for our public life. Could a planet-wide system of vacuum tubes completely transform the way we move from place to place?
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Presentation of The Transport Transition at TEDx Amsterdam Awards 2015
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