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Melanie van Polen
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After working in the media, IT and banking industry I knew it was time to start a new adventure. After finishing the Rozenbrood Trendacademy I started my own trend agency Meet the Future. Working as a trendwatcher, -researcher and public speaker gives me so much energy!
Skills and expertise
trendwatcher, trend research, visualization of futures, scenario planning, speaker
Areas of interest
technology, climate change, society
Latest work
Trendtalks "Human Extinction". After hearing Stephen Hawking warning humanity that we have to leave earth in 100 years because of AI, climate change and nuclear war (and more) I needed to research if there is reason te believe he's right. Resulting in three parts of trendtalk Human Extinction.
Part 1: Technology
Part 2: Climate Change
Part 3: Society

In these trend talks I will look 100 years in to the future!
Action Photos
Mijn trendtalk 'Next Reality' bij The Best Social in Amsterdam
Photo 2
Gastlezing bij Hogeschool InHolland Den Haag
Photo 3
Gastlezing voor cursisten Module 2 bij ROZENBROOD Trendacademy waar ik mijn trendtalk 'Watch the Future, the future of commercial TV' ter inspiratie heb laten zien.
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