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Marleen Spijkman
The Stamppot
Modern Chineseness | ROZENBROOD Trendacademy | University of Twente | Shanghai Jiao Tong University | Fontys University of Applied Sciences
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I am a global consumer ethnographic forecaster and cultural branding specialist. My company The Stamppot is a global consumer and cultural futures agency entirely dedicated to understand what’s driving tomorrow’s consumer behaviour around the world. There is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion regarding the best approach to cross cultural boundaries and (re)connect to consumer audiences in different markets. The Stamppot emerged out of my ambition to cut through this noise and help clients and professionals to acquire the skills and insights to action against various emerging global and local social and behavioural practices to generate deep cultural traction. Next: - I have a specific interest in identifying and understanding changing Chinese consumer behaviour. ( - In part-time mode I am working on my practice-driven PhD-research at the University of Twente and in collaboration with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University: “The cultural identity of young urban Chinese consumers unravelled for the development of brand stories for Western brands." - Lecturer global consumer elective courses at Fontys University of Applied Sciences | International Lifestyle Studies.
Skills and expertise
global cultural futures, consumer trends, consumer behaviour, China, cultural branding, training, courses, global future-sense ethnography
Areas of interest
Global consumer trends, cultural insights, global consumer behaviour, global modernisation, cultural identity, Chinese consumers
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This is my doing global future-sense ethnographic research in China
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