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Richard Kastelein
Mentor - Block Chain Space - startup accelerator for Blockchain technology startups - Spain Member of Futurists Board and New Money Systems Board - The Lifeboat Foundation - Global Fellow - Royal Society of Arts - UK Member - Royal Television Society - UK Judge - Innovate UK - Government Startup Funding Division - UK Judge - European Commission Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Funding Programme - Belgium Judge - Association of International Broadcasting awards - UK -
Monday, 18 September, 1967
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Founder of Blockchain News, The Hackitarians & global expert on innovation, Richard Kastelein is an award winning publisher, innovation executive & entrepreneur who has guest lectured on innovation at MIT Media Lab, Oxford University, & the University of Koln, sat on the media convergence panel at the 2nd EU Digital Assembly in Brussels & run innovation workshops with global companies such as the ENGIE, the BBC, ABC, CBC, NPO, RTL (DE & NL), Eurosport, NBCU, C4, ITV, Liberty Global, Seven Australia & others. He has assessed, judged & helped fund hundreds of startups for EU H2020 Innovation programme & Innovate UK & has designed & run some of the world’s largest hackathons in London, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Brussels, & Berlin covering topics such as IoT, AI, eCommerce, Automotive, Television, Robotics, Health Energy & more – backed by the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, GM, ENGIE, IBM, INTEL, European Commission etc. Kastelein has spoken (keynotes & panels) on Media Tech & Blockchain in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Belfast, Berlin, Brussels, Brighton, Copenhagen, Cannes, Cologne, Curacao, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hollywood, Hilversum, Gdansk, Geneva, Groningen, London, Las Vegas, Leipzig, Madrid, Melbourne, Minsk, NYC, Oxford, Rio de Janeiro, Sheffield, San Francisco, San Jose, Sydney, Tallinn, Vienna, & Zurich. A successful entrepreneur with a previous exit, he’s the former owner of TV App Market & The Hackfest which were acquired in 2013. Kastelein is a Canadian (Dutch/Irish/English/Métis) whose writing career has ranged from the Canadian Native Press (Arctic) to the Caribbean & Europe. He's written occasionally for Wired Insights, Guardian & & his work & ideas have been translated into Dutch, Greek, Polish, German & French. In his early 20s, Kastelein sailed around the world & wrote, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Seas'​ on how to travel by hitching rides on yachts in 1989. Surviving on the open ocean... It made him who he is today.
Skills and expertise
Blockchain News Publisher, Innovation Specialist, Speaker, Writer, Full Stack Marketer, Event Designer
Areas of interest
Blockchain, Environment, Climate Change, Universal Basic Income, Robotics, AI, Iot, Existential Risks, Singularity
Wants to talk about...
Blockchain Bootcamp 101 - an introduction to the fifth disruptive computing paradigm after mainframes, PCs, the Internet, and mobile/social networking Bitcoin is grounded on what is called the Blockchain. In in the few short years since Bitcoin came to life in 2009, people are beginning to realise across the world that the underlying technology which makes this new cryptocurrency so compelling is also capable of transforming our world in unique ways. The Blockchain is fundamentally a new paradigm for organizing activity with less friction and more efficiency, and at much greater scale than current paradigms. The Blockchain is so much more than an isolated technology using advanced forms of cryptography and a dencentralised ledger system. And it’s not only about efficiency or effectiveness… doing things 20 times faster or saving money but its power is that it enables people to organize themselves in new and different ways. It’s a fundamental tool that can enable integrated socio-economic change. Since we as human began to organise ourselves into communities some 10,000-12,000 years ago, we have struggled to find ways to live together in larger and larger groups. We have seen movements such as the Commons in the Middle Ages, to Democracy, Libertarianism, Communism, Authoritarianism and a slew of other isms’ trying to find a way to live together in relative harmony. The problem is…all these old ways of organizing ourselves simply don't fit in the complexity of the new global world we live in. We need to remove the temptation of unethical greed by making it impossible to cheat or be cheated by any one person, one company or one ideology. We need to take the single out of trust and replace it with a hive of trust. Or what is also now called decentralised trust. And the Blockchain can do it.
Wants to learn about...
Singularity, Existential risk
Latest work
Interview with Australian TV critic Scott Ellis from The Age at Australia Broadcasting Summit 2014 Sydney Australia
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Speaking in Gdansk
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