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Evelien Dieleman
TrendCult, pluQ
Wednesday, 10 July, 1985
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My specialty is customer experience research and trendwatching. I am big fan of organisations that belong to the top when it comes to organizing and managing customer loyality and experience in an original way. I believe that organizations can let you smile and I will help them to achieve that clients will get enthusiastic. Big changes are not necessary, just have a look at the small things. That's why I explore trends in the field of customer centricity and, more general, customer behavior. And my passion is urban trends, travelling, I believe that discovering cultures, cities and countries inspire. I am also co-owner of pluQ, a crowdfunding platform for brides and grooms. Will you smile when you get money or are you more happy when your family or friends give you a piece of your honeymoon? That is what pluQ is about!
Skills and expertise
Market research, trendwatching, trend research, scenario studies, loyalty studies
Areas of interest
Urban trends, consumer behaviour, interior, art
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