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Wim de Ridder
Futures Studies & Management Consultancy bv
Saturday, 21 July, 1945
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From 2002 through 2015 I hold a chair in futures studies at the University of Twente, The Netherlands. From 1983 through 2008 I was director of Society and Enterprise Foundation, futures research centre of the Dutch business community, The Hague. I'm founder and director of Futures Studies & Management Consultancy. I'm a professional member of the World Futures Society and co-founder and member of a Dutch network of Public Affairs directors. I hold a Pd.D. in economics and have published a series of books and articles on long term developments in technology and economy. International publications • Decision-making processes in cyberspace, published in: Cynthia G. Wagner (ed), World Future Society’s 2005 conference volume, Foresight, Innovation and Strategy: Towards a Wiser World, 2005 • Corporate dealing with the network economy, published in Futures: Journal of policy, planning and futures studies, Elsevier, November/December 2006 • Applying memes in Foresight, published in: Cynthia G. Wagner (ed), World Future Society’s 2011 conference volume, Moving from Vision to Action, 2011
Skills and expertise
I'm an expert in the field of long term planning, an facilitator of experts groups and out-of-the-box sessions and speaker
Areas of interest
Singularity, economic growth, human behavior and geopolitics
Latest work
My book 'De Ontdekking van de toekomst' has been selected as one of the five best management books of 2015 in Netherlands
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