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Tim Beelen
DFS Board
Assistant to the Board
Dutch Future Society
Scouting Graaf van Lynden
Wednesday, 24 November, 1993
About / Bio
I am a student at Leiden University College The Hague where I major in Sustainability, and I am assistant to the board at the Dutch Future Society. With Ballroom and Latin dancing and Scouting as my hobbies, I feel like I have a great combination of working towards the future while keeping in touch with the present!
Skills and expertise
Sustainability, International Justice, Outdoor, Tech
Areas of interest
Ecosystems and environment, climate change, new technologies
Wants to talk about...
New technologies, gadgets, a sustainable future, clean energy solutions.
Wants to learn about...
The world, the universe (no really, I am fascinated by space and space exploration).
Latest work
Coming up after my studies...
Action Photos
Unfortunately I'm not yet a futurist, strategist or trendwatcher, but here are some action photos of my own!
Photo 2
It's a slow foxtrot, if you're wondering...
Photo 3
Footloose (literally)!
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