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Tessa Cramer
Fontys Academy for Creative Industries & Maastricht University
WTMC graduate school, La Futura, Trendnetwerk, NTV
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Tessa Cramer (1985) is lecturer futures studies, (trend) research and sociology at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries. Simultaneously Tessa works on a PhD study at Maastricht University on the professionalization of futures studies. Tessa is boardmember of the Dutch Future Society. She has previously worked as a researcher for trend forecasting agency’s and as an editor for trend magazine Second Sight.
Skills and expertise
Futures research / trend research / sociology
Areas of interest
Futures research / trend research / sociology
Wants to talk about...
The professionalization of futures studies. A growing number of experts aim to grasp futures in both academic and practice-oriented settings. The objective of my PhD is 1. to analyse the professionalization of futurist practices; 2. to understand similarities and differences among futurists in order to seek mutual learning opportunities.
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the work of futurists.
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