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Gaby Fecken
Taste of Colour
HEMELSby, FeckenvanGestel, Uitgestelde Koffie 't Gooi
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As an interior designer I started giving trendlectures on colour and design at the annual Sanoma VT Wonen & Designfair in Amsterdam about 7 years ago. There I found my true passion. Searching for and talking about trends. I wanted to professionalize my skills and that is why I went to trendacademy Rozenbrood. There I learned to improve my skills and take it wider than design only. Doing research, clustering and visualising the upcomming stories in my head and sharing them with an audiance or company that wants to change and think or work differently. Starting with a trendbook or -lecture as a tool. Various possibilities, always full of ambition, passion and with an open mind. Nowadays I like to work for companies as a trendconsultant. I show them the trends of the world and help them to translate them to their company, customers and products. Bringing the trends together with the company philosophy.
Skills and expertise
Passionate and professional trendlectures in dutch, english or german. Trend research, visualising, clustering, making unique and appealing stories worth spreading, thinking of original scenarios, arranging workshops on location, working on a projectbase during a process of implementation, passionate speaker.
Areas of interest
Social change and aspects of fashion, design, foodchains. Sustainability, technological change, consumer trends and products.
Wants to talk about...
The human aspects on changing circumstances, the future of fashion, the change in how we prepare food, whát we eat, why and where. Changing consumerbehaviour and how you deal with this as a company to be prepared for the future. Change and chances!
Wants to learn about...
The future!
Latest work
Interview with Supervrouwen after my trendlecture on the Future of Fashion at Pakhuis De Zwijger* during Picturing the Future 2016.
Action Photos
Me being enthousiastic, convinced and passionate during speaking for a professional audience. As you can see, I adjust my outfit to the content of my talk.
Photo 2
Me during the latest Sanoma consumerfair with my daily trendpresentation.
Photo 3
View on the Inspiration Lab and Trendreport I designed as part of a trendimplementation project for a Amsterdam based multinational with 5 productgroups.
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