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Susan van 't Klooster
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Since 2011, Susan works as a freelance advisor at SAVIA ( She offers research and advice in the field of foresight and strategic decision-making. Susan van ‘t Klooster was trained as a cultural scientists at Maastricht University. In 2002 she became a PhD student at the Science, Technology and Society Research Unit at Maastricht University. In her thesis (‘Future telling: ambition and practice') she describes and analyzes several pitfalls related to foresight and the production of future knowledge in particular (defended in 2008). After het PhD-research, Susan worked as a researcher at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at the VU University in Amsterdam. She was involved as a scenario expert and methodologist in several multi-institute projects dealing with foresight methodology, the role of knowledge and expertise in policy processes, and public participation in knowledge production/policy making. Susan is (co)author of several publications, including: Van Asselt, M.B.A., van 't Klooster, S.A. & Veenman, S.A. (2014). Coping with policy in Foresight, Journal of Futures Studies 19(1), pp53-76. van Asselt, M.B.A., van 't Klooster, S.A., van Notten, Ph.W.F., and Smits, L.A. (2010). Foresight in Actions: Scenarios for public policy, Earthscan, London. Van ‘t Klooster, S.A. and van Asselt, M.B.A (2006) “Practising the scenario-axes technique. Futures, 38(1), pp15-30. (see for more information)
Skills and expertise
Author, speaker, project leader, project member, researcher, facilitator, methodology of foresight, futures studies, scenario planning, strategic policy-making, dealing with uncertainty, ethnography, foresight in action, evaluating decision-making in action
Areas of interest
Water management, spatial planning, public health, ecosystems and environment, climate change, knowledge systems, knowledge production
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