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Stephan Verveen
De Coöperatieve Samenleving
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As a father of three I am deeply committed to the development of capacities for articulating sustainable, coherent and actionable visions for the future. The experience I bring to the table stems from working in environments like startups, large multinational technology corporations, education, research and more. The common thread in my work is my passion for group interaction and the development of systems for shared learning & knowledge development 'at the edge'. My experience ranges from working in deeply technical roles to developing stakeholder ecosystems with engaging (online) communicative approaches. The projects I have worked on resulted in a very broad scope of interest and matching network. Building bridges is what I do.
Skills and expertise
Strategic Narrative development, Systems thinking, Group Facilitation, Online video, Complexity, Reflexivity, (Organisational) Cybernetics. Creativity, Visualisation, Software development, Decision Support Systems
Areas of interest
Currently: cross-organisational learning & education, working with complexity, personal & societal transformation
Wants to talk about...
Our global evolution towards world citizenship. The need to collaborate by transcending organisational boundaries. How technology confronts humans with a need to rediscover what makes us human. Limitations and possibilities of humans, technology and how they (don't) work together.
Wants to learn about...
Deep insight in human cognition, psychology and memory, Creative story telling, Cultural deconditioning, Edutainment.
Latest work
I'm a co-founder of h3uni (, a future oriented higher education initiative named after the three horizons scenario development method. This initiative aims to break ground in the field of 'second order science' ( by providing a curriculum focussing on advanced systems-, scenario- and complexity thinking techniques.

I'm a founder of 'De coöperatieve Samenleving', which is an ecosystem of cooperatives in the field of civil action initiatives that have very diverse core activities and collectively aim to transform society to a sustainable future proof way of living. Regardless of institutional roles, we fundamentally are all citizens who can make a change if we decide to truly collaborate.

I support a program that is focussed on celebrating and supporting civil action initiatives:
My dream for a future society (in Dutch)
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