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Slava Kozlov
Summ( )n
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a co-founder and director of Summ( )n, the Netherlands-based research consultancy that supports companies and organizations in their strategic innovation initiatives. Summ( )n provides in-depth understanding of people’s behavior and values today and explores the societies and cultures of tomorrow, helping to change personal and collective mindsets using ‘serious games’ and other transformative techniques.
Skills and expertise
psychology, sociology, future studies, strategic innovation, serious games, gamification, future probes
Areas of interest
Transformation of socio-technological systems (cities and regions, business alliances, R&D and educational networks), culture and technology.
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Use of serious games in future studies and gamification of various aspects of strategic innovation. Transformation of people and teams into more anticipatory agencies, able to better sense the 'future signals', make sense of them and create value today.
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