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Peter van der Wel
World Future Society, Rijnconsult
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Futurologist and economist. For over 20 years, Peter van der Wel delivers as an economist and futurologist keynotes, lectures, presentations, publications and books about the future. He has published several books, including "Internet Democracy","Internet and Municipalities", "Faster-Better-Cheaper-Easier-Happier","Economics for a better World" and recently "The future already started." Until 2012, Peter was as an organization consultant at the management consultingfirm Rijnconsult. From 1998 to 2006 he was director of several foundations working in the field of Internet and new media, such as the Safe Internet Foundation (SIF), Dutch Institute for Telemedicine (NITEL) and EPN (Electronic-highway Platform Netherlands). Peter is a member of the World Future Society and co-founder and treasurer of the Dutch Future Society.
Skills and expertise
Professional speaker, author, coach and consultant. Forecasts, trends and Ideas about the future. Confidential advisor for directors and governmental organizations.
Areas of interest
Future entrepreneur, future of education, future already started
Wants to talk about...
The future entrepreneur The future of education The Future Already started
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