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Barbara van Veen
Leaders Against Routine
TU Delft
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My name is Barbara van Veen and I’ve been a futurist/entrepreneur/consultant since 2001. I’m a member of the World Future Society and of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making. I’ve got my Master’s in International Relations (Utrecht University) and I’m currently researching my Ph.D. (Delft University of Technology) on Managerial Future Myopia. I’m also a published writer in business magazines such as Second Sight’s 2015 And Beyond, and recently in H Edition Magazine. My specialty is: using social tools to familiarize you with long-term trends that have just been born, and to develop engaging and interactive change initiatives.
Skills and expertise
trend research, scenario planning, company constellations, online collaboration, blogger, speaker
Areas of interest
technological change
Wants to talk about...
Weak signals and cognition
Latest work
Please see my website for my latest work:
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