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Nanon Soeters
ROZENBROOD/ Trendacademy
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ROZENBROOD is a studio for prognoses, strategies and scenario’s.The name in Dutch means ‘bread made from roses’. It is symbolic for the company’s intention to imbue today’s and tomorrow’s daily life with both visual poetry and practical directions to navigate the future. Nanon Soeters is one of the two partners behind ROZENBROOD. She is a management consultant, trend watcher and concept stylist. Fascinated by visual culture, whether it is design or advertising, she uses her ability to interpret images to communicate with their clients about the values today’s consumers have, and the value changes that are bound to happen in the future. ROZENBROOD also has a Trendacademy in which professionals are trained to watch trends and apply them to their own field.
Skills and expertise
Trend research, visualisation, trend training, writing, trend based market positioning
Areas of interest
Consumer behavior, food, education, health, retail,
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