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Lieve Van Woensel
European Parliament
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Since 2014 I am heading the Scientific Foresight Service within the European Parliament. Applying foresight for investigating policy options to anticipate future techno-scientific developments. Experimenting with horizon scanning. From October 2017 till June 2018, I will join the University of Oxford as a fellow. My main research topic will be 'bias of evidence'. More details: I have a PhD in Sciences (1985) from the Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven, Belgium) and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration. From 1988 to 1996, I worked for the Belgian regional government of Flanders and later the Flemish agency for the promotion of innovation and research in industry. In 1996, I joined the European Commission. At DG Research, I helped to develop the first European Science and Society Action Plan, covering actions for ethics & science and scientific advice for policy making. Since 2012, I have been a research administrator at STOA (Science and Technology Options Assessment), an independent scientific advisory body at the European Parliament. In 2014 I became the Head of the Scientific Foresight Service in this unit, where she is now conducting scientific foresight activities for the STOA Panel of the European Parliament.
Skills and expertise
Scientific foresight, technology foresight, horizon scanning, scientific evidence, science advice, scenario development
Areas of interest
Technological change, robotics, agriculture, food, consumer behaviour
Wants to talk about...
Scenario-based foresight, communication of evidence from foresight, scenario development, facilitation, visualisation of foresight outcomes
Wants to learn about...
Bias of evidence, Delphi surveys. Maybe I could involve the Members of the DFS in my research on evidence bias (e.g. when organising a Delphi survey).
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