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Jurian Strik
Interface: speculative digital design.
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As a creative I work from several backgrounds, namely that of design, strategy and philosophy. Design can caress the eye, but comes to full potential when it tickles, or pokes the mind. My design is research based, and I try to develop various ideas, concepts and themes throughout my projects. This means content and image, strategy and design, or proces and product are always intertwined.
Skills and expertise
problem analysis, design, identity design, visualisation, research, scenario planning, speculative design
Areas of interest
technological change, interfaces, cultural change
Wants to talk about...
Technology is humanising rapidly as we are becoming more digital by the day. This means on- & offline, digital & analogue and man & machine are always intertwined. My studio 'Interface' rethinks and redesigns the border between man and it's machines. I want to talk about human characteristics in digital systems, narrative lines of code, digital poetry, synaptic networks, tangible screens, bloody bits and veiny bites.
Latest work
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