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Jorinde Vernooij
TU Delft/ MWH Global
Tuesday, 13 September, 2016
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Ever since I attended a lunch lecture of Ulrich Golüke, I was inspired to learn more about scenario planning. Furthermore, I want to help others to master this skill as well. Therefore I started an initiative with fellow students to give speeches and host workshops about scenario planning. So far, we organized several workshops for TU Delft students and Leiden University students. In November 20115, we hosted a workshop for global youth representatives at the COY Climate Conference in Paris. In January 2016, we assisted Ulrich Golüke in the 3-day MBA course on scenario planning for sustainable strategies at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland.
Skills and expertise
scenario planning, facilitator, sustainable futures
Areas of interest
health case system, technological change, plastics, circular economy, cultural change, refugees
Wants to talk about...
Circular Economy, Transformative power of scenarios, Health Care systems, Refugees and scenario planning
Wants to learn about...
Different methods of scenario planning, scenario planning as a trigger for social change
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