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Jolanda van Heijningen
De Ruijter Strategie
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As an allround consultant at De Ruijter Strategie I have coordinated, researched, reported, and visualised many different scenario projects in the last 12 years. Working with a huge variety of people in all kinds of organisations is what I find most attractive in this position. Public organisations, private companies, industry associations and pension funds all have their own need to put the future on the agenda and it is fascinating how the scenario planning methodology can support this need.
Skills and expertise
trend research, process design, scenario writing, visualisation scripting, editing, project management
Areas of interest
technological change, climate change, cultural change, economics, education and knowledge systems
Wants to talk about...
Scenario planning, visualising, translating plans to action, design thinking
Wants to learn about...
All of the above
Latest work
Formulating and visualising Vision 2020 for a large pension fund
Scenarios on Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment 2050, for Ministry of Home Affairs Scenarios on the future of video calling in healthcare
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