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Jan Ruijgrok
ChangeVision, Buitenkamer, Viable World, Millennium Project
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During my entire professional career I worked in IT. First in software development and consultancy and later in management functions. My motto is ‘lifelong curiosity’. I am intrigued by the exponential changes that are taking place during our lifetime and at the present in particular. I am passionately curious about the impact of all these changes on future society. Particular areas are work and technology, future of education, and artificial intelligence.The ethical and moral impact of AI on society has my special interest.
Skills and expertise
Author of essays and papers on future developments Facilitator at events. Strategy and scenario thinking.
Areas of interest
Artificial intelligence. Big data. Circular economy. Rethinking labour.
Wants to talk about...
The impact of robotization on the future of work.
Wants to learn about...
Moral standards for future developments and in particular the impact of AI on human autonomy and consciousness
Latest work
Roundtable on exponential change
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