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Irene Van der Krol
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No one can imagine what the world will look like in 7 or 10 years. The ever increasing revolution of technology will not only change our way of life, but also our identity. I have an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, combined with my own independent vision, focussing on identity and trust. I help to bridge the origin DNA of your company to the present and the desired future. My strength lies in discovering patterns where others see only complexity, to imaging alternative future scenarios. As a PhD historian I am aware of the changeability, I look at what is left and what not, at the underlying principles that determine the choices for the future.
Skills and expertise
Strategy, research, sales, marketing, communication, innovation. Market research, business model innovation, corporate identity, speaker
Areas of interest
Future, identity, trust, digital ecosystems, robots, futureof work, education
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