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Irene Van der Krol
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My mission is to inspire small and large companies to look beyond the horizon, to show them entirely new perspectives and options that are first overlooked. I am strong at discovering patterns where others only see complexity. I connect people with ideas and strategy with reality, by underpinning insights with data, by connecting innovative concepts to healthy business model and impact through consistent storytelling. As a PhD historian I am aware of change, I focus is on what remains and what not, at the underlying principles that determine our future. Only by knowing your past, by recognizing your own biases, you can start to envision alternative futures. The accelerating technological revolution will change the relationship between man and technology, our way of doing things and our identity. My passion is to help people to shape this change, to contribute to a better future in which we can all thrive. I like challenges, am result-oriented and enjoy getting things done. During the 18 years working for leading ICT companies my main focus was on how we can all benefit from technology by creating customer value. I have a track record of working at the intersection of strategy, research and marketing. In that role I provide applicable insights and advice for the executive management on growth opportunities, vision, strategy, digital transformation and innovation.
Skills and expertise
Strategy, research, sales, marketing, communication, innovation. Market research, business model innovation, corporate identity, speaker
Areas of interest
Future, identity, trust, digital ecosystems, robots, future of work, education
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