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Farid Tabarki
Studio Zeitgeist
The Dutch Financial Journal, #Onderwijs2032, International Film Festival Rotterdam, European YoungLeaders, De Baak, Het Nieuwe Instituut, A Soul for Europe, HUMAN, MasterPeace & Stichting Democratie & Media
About / Bio
I am Farid Tabarki, the founding director of Studio Zeitgeist, which has researched the Dutch, European and global zeitgeist since 2000, with a thematic focus on radical decentralisation, radical transparency and the liquid society. Studio Zeitgeist models acquired insights into concrete advice and projects that internationally operating or oriented organisations put to use. I write a bi-weekly column in the daily newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad. I have recently written a book about the disappearing ‘middle’ and the emergence of a liquid society, which will be launched in the spring of 2016. I have been proclaimed Trendwatcher of the Year 2012-2013. In 2013 and 2014, the daily newspaper De Volkskrant included me in the list of the 200 most influential people in the Netherlands, the youngest person on the list. I am a international keynote speaker and conference moderator. I presented the parliamentary election edition of MTV Coolpolitics, which was broadcast live on TMF and MTV Benelux. More recently, I presented the television program Dare to Think, from Socrates to Sartre. I am deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board of Het Nieuwe Instituut for architecture, design and e-culture; member of the Board of Curators of De Baak, a training and knowledge institute affiliated with the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers, and member of Platform Education2032, commissioned by the Dutch government to formulate the framework of a future curriculum for primary and secondary education. Last but not least, I visited 132 countries and have only 66 to go.
Skills and expertise
Catching, presenting and creating the zeitgeist.
Areas of interest
Radical decentralisation, Radical transparency & Liquid society
Wants to talk about...
Radical decentralisation, Radical transparency & Liquid society
Wants to learn about...
66 more countries, after visiting a 132.
Latest work
I am member of the platform #onderwijs 2032.
Together we assist the government in driving the public discussion about the knowledge and skills that young people need in order to function optimally in the future.
Keynote at the EBF Conference Theme: From a solid to a liquid system
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