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Erwin Steijlen
Founder Styles Music Group & Corporate Music Method
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I am a songwriter and composer working mainly for the corporate market and my music has been used by hundreds of brands and companies all over the world. Brands such as BMW, VW, Nike, MTV, Delta Airlines, Seat, UEFA, LG, Liberty Global, Philips, Bentley, AllSeas and many, many more. Last year my music appeared in more than 30 commercials on US TV alone for brands like Verizon Fios, Clairol and Jaguar. TV series like The Mentalist, Parenthood and Pretty Little Liars use my songs to built great scenes. The last 15 years i have built my career and company working for these brands and my epic product launches have been performed in great cities like Shanghai, Beijing, LA, Paris, Geneva, Detroit, Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Guangzhou, Lisbon, Barcelona and Amsterdam to name a few. Some highlighted projects i have worked on are; the Beijing Olympics, Cirque du Soleil, the christening of the biggest ship ever built the “Pioneering Spirit” and all launches for Mini and BMW since 2014. Race cardriver Michael Schumacher has danced with his car to my music and i have even worked with stars like Pink and Shakira. I also teach Songwriting and Media Composing at ArtEZ. Institute of the Arts. This year my book "Corporate Music Method" was published. A new way, a method, for modern musicians and artists to make a living in this era where YouTube and Spotify have changed the music world. Just recently started a new company where we will teach students "the Method" and real clients and music supervisors besides companies like Armada en Audiosparx will be giving pitches, opportunities and feedback. School meets Market, a new way of thinking. Our motto: Sharing not competing I also write blogs about creative thinking and business/music
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author, composer, coach, speaker, creative thinker
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education, knowledge, school meets market, sharing instead of competing
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My Method where "School meets Market", an online and worldwide course where students will be learning and working directly with clients, musicsupervisors and companies such as Armada, Audiosparx and ScoreAscore. Now building a platform to help young musicians get steady income.
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Building a company based on ideals. Searching for partners.
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