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Erica Bol
Erica Bol - Conscious Innovation
Teach the Future, Millennium Project
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Erica is an innovation consultant, who is passionate about creating a sustainable future. She has an entrepreneurial mindset and believes that thinking about the future is critical for solving today’s problems. Raised by a mother who taught her how to recycle (before she could even ride a bike) and with a passion for the future she connects both concepts that are inevitably linked with each other. Curious, driven and full of energy Erica commits to projects. She has a talent to elevate projects to a higher standard. She translates complex issues to concrete outcomes. Not only does she come up with creative results, she also ensures a positive mind shift for client and consumer.
Skills and expertise
futures research, trend research, teaching the future, visualisation of futures, translating futures into tangible outcomes
Areas of interest
sustainable futures, social change, futures education, transformation
Wants to talk about...
Explore and stimulate a broad discussion on what a positive vision of the future is, should be, or can be.
Wants to learn about...
new ways of educating the future
Latest work
Teach the Future is an initiative that introduces futures thinking at secondary and high school level. It is set up to help youngsters envision the future they want for themselves and the world.
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