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Els Dragt
Fontys Academy for Creative Industries & MARE Research
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As a 10-year old girl I devoured Agatha Christie’s detectives and wanted to be like Miss Marple: observing and snooping around other peoples affairs. After I discovered that seeing a drop of blood made me faint almost instantly, I had to change my future job perspective. So, I became a researcher which is just like detective work! Nowadays I monitor trends 24/7, analyze and translate these societal shifts into brand strategies and consumer insights for various clients at Amsterdam based agency MARE Research. As a lecturer I share my trend expertise with future trend professionals: my students at Fontys International Lifestyle Studies.
Skills and expertise
trends | research | innovation | lecturer | speaker | author
Areas of interest
society, people, culture, change, innovation, trends
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Lecturing about trend research
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Presenting at Hub Camp in Vilnius
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