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Danielle Schreurs
Tuesday, 16 January, 2018
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Since I started my career in management consulting and HR I have been fascinated by change. Shifts in attitudes and values towards work, education and healthcare trigger me most. After finishing the Rozenbrood Trendacademy, I decided to become a full-time dedicated trend researcher in the field of work, education and health care. Starting my own company FutureMap was my best decision ever! I love to inspire companies with trend talks and help them to turning trend information into strategy, policy and (project) plans.
Skills and expertise
trendwatching; public speaking; writing; research; concept development; management consulting; project management; strategy development; vision development
Areas of interest
work; labour market, education; knowledge systems; organisational change; cultural change; psychology; sociology; healthcare
Wants to talk about...
Future of work, education & healthcare
Wants to learn about...
Cultural change; sustainability; psychology; differences between generations; sociology, robotics
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