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Daan Putman Cramer
Putman Cramer Consult bv
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Throughout my life I have been interested in what the future holds. As a student I was involkved in future modes of urban transportation. During my career in an airline, The future of aircrafthandling at an airport spurred my interest and imagination. When I got involved in IT in the \'80\'s, as a consultant, I developed my first scenario\'s involving technological developments as nano-technology, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Sometimes not taken too seriously. When hearing about a development, I automatically tend to draw a picture in my mind where I include the development and it\'s possible repercussions or influense on society ofr organizations.
Skills and expertise
On the one hand I use my analytical talents to address problems from a concetual perspective. On the other hand, my imagination helps me to include new ideas into a broader picture. That is where my interest into developing scenario\'s comes into play. When scanning the internet or other media, my eye always catches new developments and automatically I try to assess the future impact. During my assignments in my role as a management consultant, I naturally confront my clients with what is evolving from the future or even hardly visible yet from \'around the corner\'. One can associate this with lateral thinking. geme
Areas of interest
technological change, urban development, logistis, health systems, education and knowledge systems, geopolitics, demographics, organizational structures, self organizing.
Wants to talk about...
Recognizing patterns and translating opportunities into action.
Wants to learn about...
Preparing for the future by identifying opportunities to let go and redirect strategic attention. And on the other hand prepare to avoid dead end streets or keep on \'pulling a dead horse\'.
Latest work
Assisting start-ups with launching digital services. Supporting top level professional firms with preparing for the future.
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