‘One needs to be humble in designing the future’ – interview with Mark Turrell

March 30, 2014 13:33
Mark Turrell

Mark Turrell

This interview with Mark Turrell, author of the book Scaling: small, smart moves for outsized results, takes place in a series of discussions with the keynote speakers of An Interesting Afternoon – The world in 50 years and how do we get there? This event by the Dutch Future Society takes place at April 11, 2014 in Amsterdam. For registrations, follow this link.

How do you see the future in fifty years?

I see it very positive. The past gives us a fairly good insight that human typically do more good things than bad things. And I see many good things coming from technology: Electricity, communication systems, even sewage treatment. Because of that, I believe that we will fix many of challenges that we are struggling with today. When we will look back on things, we’ll thinking “did we really struggle with that?”.

Read the whole interview at Futurista

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