Looking back on An Interesting Day 2016: Transforming the Future

January 6, 2017 14:40

Transforming the Future: that was the focal point of this year’s An Interesting Day, Dutch Future Society’s annual event where all those interested in the field of foresight meet and connect. Anne Pereira provided a visual overview of the day (click on the image above for a larger version), we’ve prepared a selection of pictures, and you can listen to an interview with Vanessa Jane Smith. Just like last year, Vanessa visually captured the day on an enormous canvas and encouraged other participants to practice their creative skills   as well by adding to the work of art during the afternoon drinks. Snapshots of the canvas are available at the end of the slider below.

We hope that those present enjoyed the day and that those who were not will enjoy this glimpse into 2016’s most Interesting Day!

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Finally, a small bonus for a lucky few during lunch, because Vincent Evers – who participated as a panel member during the “Interesting Conversation” – brought his Tesla Model X along for the day: of course some of our board had to try out how insane that “insane-mode” really is, and what it feels like to let the car do the driving for you. Lieke probably needs a few more goes to get used to driving without hands, but we suspect another go in a Tesla will not be a punishment to anyone!

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