Keynote for Your Brain in 2030: Jason Farquhar

July 13, 2017 16:25

Having announced Laurens Landeweerd a few weeks ago, it is now our pleasure to introduce another speaker for Your Brain in 2030. During our annual event, Jason Farquhar will talk about brain computer interfaces now and in the future.Jason Farquhar

Dr. Jason Farquhar has a background in computer science and engineering. He is coordinator of the Program committee for the Artificial Intelligence Masters program at Radboud University and teaches about Brain Computer Interfaces at both Bachelor and Master level.  He co-leads the dondersBCI lab at the Donders Institute for Brain Cognition and Behaviour.

His primary research interests are in Brain computer interfacing, signal-analysis and machine-learning.  He has published more that 20 articles on BCIs with a focus on developing new mental tasks and new signal analysis and machine learning techniques to improve the performance, robustness and usability of BCIs.

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