An Interesting Day 2016: Transforming the Future

November 4, 2016 11:42


Tickets are now available!

It is once again time for An Interesting Day! This annual DFS meeting will take place on the 25th of November in Amsterdam. This year’s theme will be about “Transforming the Future” and is especially for and by our members: Futurists for futurists.

“An Interesting Day” is the event of the year where futurists meet and learn about transformative developments and new professional insights. This year’s Interesting Day brings to the table some of the most transformative topics. A few highlights: Learn more about the transformative potential of gene editing. Stay tuned for the impact of blockchain technology, and find out how to sharpen your skills in prediction and superforecasting. This and many more speakers: the floor is for our members, and in a series of parallel sessions we can learn from each other, show our fellow futurists new ideas, methods, discuss new developments etcetera. An Interesting Day is your opportunity of the year to meet other foresight professionals and learn from each other! And of course there will be ample opportunity to meet your fellow futurists, have a drink, or just enjoy being there.

A special mention also for the session of Teach the Future. We find it very important to inspire youth at an early age to co-create the future with us, and therefore Teach the Future’s session will also be accessible without an AID ticket to all those interested in bringing the future into the classroom! More info is available here.

Keynotes, workshops and parallel sessions

A mix of keynote presentations and workshops (some in Dutch and some in English) will be held throughout the morning and afternoon. Take a look at an overview of the day and all of the confirmed sessions (more about individual sessions on the event page):

Morning Pogram


  • The Role of Superforecasting in the 21st Century – Regina Joseph (Sibylink)
  • Predicting the future with the blockchain? – Maurits Kreijveld (Wisdom of the Crowd)

Afternoon Program

Keynote & Workshop

  • CRISPR-CAS9: The transformative impact of gene editing – Stan Brouns (Brounslab)

Parallel Sessions

  • Future Probing – Slava Koslov (Summ()n)
  • The Coming Insurrection and how it may Transform Expected Futures – Jaap van Till (The Connectivist)
  • Scenario based policy discussion OECD and EZ Energy Dialogue – Freija van Duijne
Teach the Future‘s session will span both timeslots of the parallel sessions, and is accessible without an AID ticket. More info is available here.

More information

The event will take place at AmsterdamConnected, you are welcome at 09.30 and the event starts at 10.00. There is opportunity for drinks and an informal chat after 17.00 hours. More information about individual sessions is available on the event page. Curious about An Interesting Day? Take a look at last years program or read Anne Pereira’s blog (Dutch only)!


DFS Members can reserve their tickets for only €10,- (administration costs)! Log in below to reserve your DFS Member ticket, or become a member. Limited regular tickets are also available to non-members for €75,- or €37,50 for students/PhD (+ €10,- admin. costs). Regular tickets come with a free one-year DFS Membership, in case you’d like to join us at a later date (read more about DFS Membership here). Reserve your regular ticket below, or visit the Eventbrite page.

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