‘Futurists as catalysts for speeding up the future’ – interview with Sangeeth Varghese

March 31, 2014 11:10
Sangeeth Varghese

Sangeeth Varghese

This interview with Sangeeth Varghese, co-initiator of World 50.0, author of Open source leader, Founder and Chairman of LeadCap Trust, one of the world’s largest youth leadership organizations, and LeadCap Ventures, a management consulting firm, takes place in a series of discussions with the keynote speakers of An Interesting Afternoon – The world in 50 years and how do we get there? This event by the Dutch Future Society takes place at April 11, 2014 in Amsterdam. For registrations, follow this link.

How do you see the future in fifty years?

In the last ten to fifteen years the internet has been the most important innovation that has changed the way everything has been done. It has been a radical change instead of incremental. It has speed up communication, which has also played an extremely important role in the development of democracy. For instance, if we look at the development of markets. The perfect marketplace is not possible, but with internet we know everything about what is available on the market. It is this transparency which also is beneficial to the development of democracy.

One of the things I believe also changing is the ending of poverty by improving the way we are using resources completely, agricultural innovations and so on. In addition, China would become democratic, as would happen in 90% of the world. Private organisations would no longer be large monolithic organisations, but smaller democratically covered organisations with democratically elected leaders.

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