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DFS Annual Event – Your Brain in 2030: Merging Man and Machine

September 5 @ 13:00 - 16:30


Tickets are now available!

Some people dream of the ultimate merge of man and machine. The creation of super humans with new sensory abilities, enhanced brain power, eternal memories and extreme physical strength. Body parts can be replaced by robotics, and ultimately, human enhancement could mean the end of aging.

Scientists are showing us that many of this is already possible. Deep brain stimulation is relieving the suffering of Parkinson patients. Prosthetic infrared vision has given a mouse a sixth sense: they can now sense infrared light. And in many other domains – sports, entertainment, the military – human efforts are enhanced by technology.Brain-Computer-Interface by Austrian Company gtec

What will be the future of human enhancement? Does technology have an agenda of its own or is it up to societies if and how human enhancement is to proceed?

Join the Dutch Future Society on September 5th for its annual event, Your Brain in 2030: Merging Man and Machine. Be amazed by an expo of sensory experiences by entrepreneurs and artists, and get a feel of the future. Listen to stories by scientists at the forefront of human enhancement. We will use the combined brainpower of professional forward thinkers in the Netherlands to consider the implications of the envisioned future, and use our imagination to conceive stories of alternative futures. Get inspired by science, ideas and artistic impressions. Meet creative forward thinkers of all ages and backgrounds.


Keynote: Laurens Landeweerd

After the gene-centrist worldview of the early 2000s, emerging research in the neurosciences now carries along a neurocentrist worldview: we are our brain. Our identities are nothing more than the software running on the hardware of our neurowired brains. Still, many neuroscientists agree that neuroscientific research yields more questions over human identity than it is resolving them. Will we indeed be able to upload our minds to a computer? What is the relation between the noosphere – the sum of all knowledge, thought and information – and the technosphere – the sum of all technologies we produce? How do we define living systems? When do we call something alive? Answering these questions needs both concrete views on the state of the art in science and imaginative projections on possible futures.

About Laurens Landeweerd

Laurens Landeweerd (philosopher) makes use of the ‘genres of the imagination’ (art, theatre, film and literature) to diagnose ongoing debates on science and technology, and on this basis draw up a prognosis for the future. He focuses on various emerging technologies including synthetic biology, brain imaging and human enhancement. Landeweerd works for Radboud University (Nijmegen)’s Institute for Science, Innovation and Society and for the iArts programme of Hogeschool Zuyd (Maastricht). He has been involved in numerous international projects on cognitive enhancement, bioengineering and man-machine interactions.

Keynote: Jason Farquhar

Dr. Jason Farquhar will talk about brain computer interfaces now and in the future. Farquhar has a background in computer science and engineering. He is coordinator of the Program committee for the Artificial Intelligence Masters program at Radboud University and teaches about Brain Computer Interfaces at both Bachelor and Master level.  He co-leads the dondersBCI lab at the Donders Institute for Brain Cognition and Behaviour.

His primary research interests are in Brain computer interfacing, signal-analysis and machine-learning.  He has published more that 20 articles on BCIs with a focus on developing new mental tasks and new signal analysis and machine learning techniques to improve the performance, robustness and usability of BCIs.


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More information

Time & Date

September 5th, 2017 from 13.30 – 16.30 hours (doors open 13.00 hours, drinks afterwards)


This event is hosted by Supperclub Amsterdam. A truly inspirational place that is full of spectacle and wonder. Don’t be afraid of the unconventional, you will go home with new stories to tell!

Supperclub Amsterdam
Singel 460
1017 AW Amsterdam


The event takes place in the center of Amsterdam. Plan ahead for public transport or parking in order to avoid high costs or delays: see the nearest parking garages on the Supperclub website under “Contact” (reserving a parking space in advance may be save costs), or use public transport from one of the P+R locations.


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