DFS presents: a new board

July 31, 2018 12:00

We are very excited to introduce our new DFS board! Check our new team here, but first: Freija leaves a personal note to our DFS community and we take a peak at the upcoming events in 2018.

DFS Board 2018

Maja Bosch – Rosemarie Konijnenburg – Gerben Tijkken – Chantal Verweij

Saar van der Spek – Leon Horbach – Jacomine van Veen – Freija van Duijne


A personal note from Freija

Dear fellow futurists and future enthusiasts. It’s been five years since we started the Dutch Future Society. A dream of a globally connected network of futurists that had started on my kitchen table. A meeting ground for futurists to learn, play and have fun. And also to engage with organizations to promotes futures thinking and create a better future. We started off by organizing meet-ups at exciting venues with interesting experts, including many international futurists. Gradually our community has been growing, with now over one hundred official members and a vastly larger group of followers of our newsletter and social media outlets.

With all these good vibrations, it also made me realize that the Dutch Future Society needs to move on. I believe it is necessary for a healthy organization to continue its growth under new leadership. Just as foresight calls for looking at the future with fresh eyes, this also applies to us. However, it is not easy to pass on the chairmanship of a young organization. Happily, Maja Bosch has joined the board in 2016. Together we have been working on DFS and shared a lot of fun. Maja is always up for a challenge. She is a hands-on person who enjoys connecting people, creating inspiring events and spreading futures thinking. She has been a great board member who showed her leadership on many occasions. I am confident that she will guide the Dutch Future Society towards a sparkling future.

Together with installing Maja Bosch as the new president of the Dutch Future Society, we are proud to introduce to you a new team of board members. Rosemarie Konijnenburg (Secretary, focus on branding), Gerben Tijkken, (Treasurer, regional officer East), Chantal Verweij (board member, community officer), Saar van der Spek, (board member, regional officer South, focus on external relations), Jacomine van Veen (board member, focus point external relations) and Leon Straathof (board member, regional officer West) – all ready to take DFS to the next level. Melanie van Polen (online content and news outlets) and Daphne Gambieraki (members contact) will continue their work with us.

Lastly, I want to express my great gratitude to the leaving board members. Peter van der Wel, has been at the board since the early days even before the official foundation. I have always enjoyed his passion for the future, his fresh ideas and broad interests. Also his connections with fringe communities together with his curiosity for experimentation have been at the root of many DFS events. His confidence in DFS has been a great support over the years. Lieke Lamb has joined the board in 2016. She brought her network as an audience to DFS. Moreover, she brought a fresh viewpoint that has been very valuable in building our strategy for DFS. Many thanks to both of you!

For the remainder of 2018, Maja has asked me to continue to play an informal role in the board, as it is building its roadmap for the future. My passion for DFS will always be strong. Whenever I spot opportunities for DFS, I will look for ways to capitalize on them. Whether that will be connecting international futurists to DFS events, experimenting with new methods, or collaborating with other organizations. I feel thankful to be part of DFS as the space where (aspiring) futurists of all kinds and background can meet, learn and inspires others.



DFS-South event | DFS X Fontys Trend Research Lab

We are excited to work on several events for the second half of 2018. We’ll keep you posted, but we are excited to say that we are organizing our first regional DFS event – of course open to all of you. In September, we’ll team up with Fontys Trend Research Lab to host an event on the future of cities, manufacturing and creative industries.

DFS-East event | Future of food

DFS members in the eastern part of the Netherlands are working together on an exciting event on the future of food. Time and place are to be confirmed, but expect to be inspired by a combination of scientists, philosophers and practitioners.

DFS event | Fuck up X Try out

In fall 2018, we want to share more of our everyday practice amongst each other. We are thinking: fuck up night X try out night. What are the fuck ups you are still upset about? And how do you prevent them from happening again? And what are the new stories and trends you want to test on other DFS members?

DFS theme | Future of democracy

Another theme we want to address with our DFS-community is democratic renewal, especially in the light of the upcoming EU elections (May 2019). What is the future of the European Union and what futures do we see for (local) democracy and the civil society?


Lots of exciting events, right? Ok, now go ahead and read all about our new board members!

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