DFS Board


The Dutch Future Society is run by an active and passionate board:

Maja Bosch – Chair

Over the last two years I’ve met many DFS members and all of them told me something I didn’t know before. That is the reason why I enjoy being part of DFS and the reason why I want to build the future of DFS together with this great team and – of course – all future enthusiasts within the network.


Rosemarie Konijnenburg – Secretary

As a brand strategist, I basically connect people and ideas. Within and outside organizations. Through storytelling, concepting, organization development and innovation. Together with the other (board)members, connection is also what I want to bring to DFS. It is my ambition to further strengthen DFS so that we can help our field in guiding society and organizations into the future.


Gerben Tijkken – Treasurer / Regional officer East 

I’ve been bestowed with an incredible case of curiosity for as long as I can remember. Not sure if it is a blessing or a curse. This led to an all-compassing interest in everything new, mainly focused on technology and science. Professionally this got me into IT. This interest and my work got me thinking about the future from an early age. It seems as IT is a field where time is compressed and therefore change seems to run at a higher pace than other fields. This makes thinking about next week almost as looking into the far future. This led to thinking about the future in general and when I found out about the DFS I thought the events they did were a good place to meet
like-minded people.

Chantal Verweij – Community officer

Every organisation needs a vision of the future. As future professionals we can help them form that vision. And as professionals we can challenge each other on our own knowlegde and visions. That’s what DFS is about. I feel privileged to help build this future community. Let’s join future forces.


Jacomine van Veen – External relations

I believe the DFS can play an important role in the general understanding of how future thinking adds value for organizations. As a future professional myself, I’ve always been focused on the application of trend research & foresight; making it workable and as meaningful as possible for the innovation, strategy & design within organizations. In my role as external relations officer of DFS I will use my diverse experience and network to strengthen the connections between future thinkers and the organizations they work with.


Saar van der Spek – External relations / Regional officer South

Being a lecturer in Trend Research and Living at the bachelor program in Trend Reseach and Concept Creation at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries as well as a self-employed trend researcher, I see a lot of opportunities to connect students, professionals, non-profits and businesses in the field of trends research and futures studies. That’s why I am very excited to be part of de DFS board! I would like to bring our network a step further by connecting people, organizing meaningful events and help building an even stronger society of futurists and trend researchers.


Leon Horbach – Regional officer West

Leon grew up in Amsterdam where he finished his Master’s degree in international relations, focused on global politics of sustainability. His passion for innovation and technology led him towards a lease company for electric vehicles and a high-end virtual reality studio, before founding Waaromkiesjij.nl<http://waaromkiesjij.nl> during the Dutch elections of 2017 and with that, the Vox Pop Foundation<http://www.vox-pop.org>. Here, on the juncture of society, politics, and technology, he aims to become a social innovator that employs online technology to strengthen the fibers of as many democracies as possible, whether during elections or for civic education, working with teams all over the world. Besides his own organisation, Leon works as a freelance advisor/analyst and projectmanager for, amongst other organisations, a corporate finance advisory firm and a knowledge centre for the cultural sector.


Freija van Duijne – Board member






Melanie van Polen – Online Communication



Daphne Gambieraki – Member Administrator