Come search with us for ‘unknown unknowns’ (with STT)!

May 27, 2013 09:39

STT is working on a new Horizonscan: “An important major periodic activity, is the STT Horizonscan (presently Horizonscan 2050). Horizonscanning is meta foresight. It is a broad (cross domains) systematic meta-analysis of potential threats, opportunities, seeds of change and likely future developments, including those at the margins of current thinking and planning and their influence on society and on the grand challenges. STT seeks cooperation with horizonscanning offices in other countries, such as Singapore, Canada and England. The Horizonscan feeds STT’s rolling foresight agenda with new themes. After completion of a two year foresight project, the governing board can then decide on topics of a new foresight projects.”

In May-June 2013 workshops were held in which grand societal challenges were discussed in relation to strong and weak signals. On the 6th of June members of the Dutch Future Society (yes, that is you, since you’re on this mailing list ) invited by Jacintha Scheerder, project leader of the STT Horizonscan, to join her in the final workshop of the project, in which experts, students and futurists will search for the so-called Unknown Unknown and possible new challenges for society in 2050.

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