Brave New World Festival

September 25, 2016 16:33


On November 2nd & 3rd, 2016 the worlds of culture, technology, and storytelling will collide. Brave New World will be a place for engineers, venture capitalists, innovation managers, government officials, hackers, futurists, gamers, artists, directors, the generally curious, and anyone who has a story to tell.

Leiden University and the Leiden film festival are organising the Brave New World festival on the future of technology and societal impacts. It is a summit created to build an interdisciplinary platform for all of us working on innovation. To inspire and help each other. To dream of a Brave New World.

The events has exciting keynotes of futurist speakers, such as Ben Hammersey and Mark Stevenson. In the afternoon, we as DFS will collaborate in a workshop to create a film script of a futuristic scenario. 48 Hours Film project will run the workshop and film it, all within 4 hours. We are looking for six volunteers who want to help facilitate a film script group. Write us at and tell us why you should be one of the six to facilitate the workshop. Volunteers get a free entree pass for one day.

Find out more about the event on the website or on LinkedIn, or subcribe to the mailing list here.

DFS Member discount

The Dutch Future Society is a proud partner of Brave New World. DFS Members receive a 50% discount on tickets for Brave New World. You can purchase a 1-day ticket for 75 euro (regular price €150) and a 2-day tickets for 138 euro. (regular price €275,-). Prices include a paspartout for the Leiden Film Festival in the evening.

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