Your Brain in 2030 Keynote: Hannes Wiedemann

August 11, 2017 10:00

Hannes WiedemannHuman enhancement and DIY. Not two concepts that many of us would combine. Hannes Wiedemann, a Berlin-based artist and photographer, studied a fringe community that does just that: DIY cyborgs hack their own bodies. For fun. We are happy to announce that Hannes Wiedemann will be joining our Annual DFS event on September 5 as a keynote speaker.

He will show us his work and talk about his experiences with those who don’t just talk about the future of human enhancement, but literally live it. He will talk about their radical ideas about open source innovation, how these DIY cyborgs view their own bodies as open source systems. And how the esthetics this community uses can be described as retro-futuristic, an unexpected mixture between past and future.

Interested to hear more about Wiedemann’s experiences? Join us on our annual event. Can’t wait that long? Read his story in this Wired-article.

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